Starting 1 January 2010 I will only be active providing general information about Bach Flower Remedies and animals.

For the last 2.5 years I have treated other peoples' pets with joy and fullfillment, next to a full-time job, study and household.
However, this has led to me being away more and more from my passion and drive, my own pets, and this is not what I want. Till further notice a stop of the business hours and treatments applies.
On the Bach Flower Information page you will find a link to other registered BFRAPs who are active for business.

As many people would like to know what a treatment by a BFRAP would mean, I have left the information on my side regarding my treatment approach. For the main this will be identical in the way other BFRAPs will conduct their business.

How does a treatment work in principle?

My work is only executed with the referral/permission of the treating Vet. I will contact him/her for that purpose.
The first appointment is made under the condition of the Vet's approval.

In the first consultation an extensive analysis of your pet is made and a consequent treatment plan will be discussed. You will receive explanation on which remedy is selected for which purpose.

In addition you will receive a report, as well as reporting will be provided to your Vet and if applicable to the involved behaviourist. It is in the best interest for your pet to have a good communication loop between all involved parties.

The treatment itself consists of a treatment bottle, from which 4x 4 drops per day will have to be admitted on some food. The times are fairly flexible, as long as it is spread over the day and at least 1 dosage is given in the morning. The conservation date of the treatment bottle is 3 weeks due to the mineral water inside.

Between consultations you are asked to provide progress reports and in case of questions contact can be addressed by email/phone.

In principle every 3 weeks there is a follow-up consultation in which the progress of the animal is assessed and possible adjustments to the treatment bottle is made.
During the treatment period frequent reporting is provided to the Vet, in case of medical issues/questions this is done immediately.

Of course it is not realistic to give a prognosis without having seen your pet(s) and having made a proper analysis of the issues; however as a guideline within a period of 2-3 months is should be clear how the treatment and progress is going. During treatment you are being informed about which remedy is selected for which aspect, to enable you to support your pet in the future as well. Prognosis is dependent on cause and duration of the issues, the size of the pet group and issues within that group, as well as changes within the living environment during the treatment can effect the progress.

In case your pet is already under other medication treatment (traditional or alternative) or undergoing other therapy/therapies, you will need to inform me about this prior to the treatment plan, in order to make sure proper cooperation/reporting with all parties involved is put in place.

In case there is a history of aggressive behaviour by the animal (to other animals, humans or objects) you will need to indicate this clearly before the first consultation, so that I can decide what is the best location/set-up for the first consultation.

During the consultations you are expected to describe the behaviour, not to demonstrate or provoke the behaviour!

During the treatment period you are expected to follow up the given advise and instructions.

Furthermore, I will not be able to execute my work properly if during the treatment period you decide on your own initiative or on the advise of other third parties, to adjust the treatment plan (additional medication, change in management, other treatment methods etc.). This needs to be discussed prior to initiating those changes.

In addition treatment results are influenced when during the treatment period additional stressors are added to the pet and it's environment (arrival new pet, visit of stud cat, having a litter etc). The aim is to set the treatment period to analyse the issues, help the animal to regain balance and strengthen this, and not to create additional stress or issues.